The town of Anegundi, about 5 km from Hampi, is situated on the north bank of the Tungabhadra River. Local people believe that this is the ancient place known as Kishkindha, where Rama met Sugriva and Hanuman. Also by Hampi is the Risimukha Mountain, which is mentioned in the Ramayana.

The ancient place, Kishkindha, was ruled by the monkey-chiefs-two brothers, Sugriva and Vaii. After a quarrel with Vali, Sugriva along with Hanuman were driven out. They then went to stay at Matanga-parvata Hill. You can get a good view of the surrounding area from the top of this hill. While searching for Sita, who had been kidnapped by Ravana, Rama and Laksman came south and met; Sugriva and Hanuman. Rama killed Vali and restored the kingdom to Sugriva. While Hanuman went to search for Sita,, it is said that Rama stayed at Malyavanta Hill, which is on the road to Kampili about 6 km east of the Virupakshi,Temple.

There is a Raghunath Temple there with a large Deity of Rama. On the way between the Virupaksha Temple and the Vitthala Temple a cave on the bank of the Tungabhadra where Sugriva is said to have Sitas jewels for safety. Ther and streaks on the rocks that are said to have been made by Sitas garments. There is a huge mound scorched ash in the nearby village of Nimvapuram that is said to be the cremated remains Vali. The birth place of Hanuman to be a little to the northwest.