Temple And Deity

The original temple was made of wood, which was renovated in 1760 and made of stone by Mr.Phadnavis . There are two ponds near the temple.

The temple faces East and is shaped like the letter Shree in the Devnagiri script. There are two lakes in the vicinity of the Temple.

Water from the lake on the right side is used for Lord Ganesha's worship and other auspicious ocassions. During southern declination of the sun, the rays of the Sun falls on the idol of Lord Ballaleshwar.

The temple has two sanctums. In the outer sanctum Mooshak the mouse faces the deity holding a modak in his paws.

In the inner sanctum is the idol of Ballaleshwar. It is 3feet high and it faces east and its trunk turns towards the left. The navel and eyes of the idol are studded with precious stones. Lord Ganesh in this aspect appeared as a Brahmin and so this is one of those rare statues where Ganesh is shown wearing clothes as Brahmins do. On both sides of the idol are statues of Riddhi and Siddhi.

The Dhundi Vinayak Temple is situated behind the main temple. The idol in this temple is believed to be swayambhu. The idol of Dhundivinayak faces west. Devotees first visit this temple before going to the main temple.