History of Cheennakesava Temple

The history behind the Chenna Kesava Swami temple's existence is not known but some legend has it that when Garuda was carrying "Madhupatra" (nectar) from Indraloka (after fighting with Lord Indra to release his mother from slavery), a drop fell down at this place and turned into a sacred pool. The eminence of the pool came to be known, when a distressed farmer jumped into it to commit suicide and found himself turned into a young man.

He then made his wife and oxen to dip into the pool and they too regained their youth. When the news of the pool reached Satya Loka, worried Lord Brahma sought the help of Lord Vishnu and Siva. Lord Hanuman was ordered, by Lord Shiva and Brahma, to cover up the water in the pool and Lord Hanuman dropped a mountain into it.

Astonishingly, the mountain started floating instead of sinking. Then Lord Vishnu and Siva clamped their feet at its side and the imprints of their foot can still be seen. The foot print of Siva became famous as 'Rudrapada' and that of Vishnu as Vishnupada.