Bhimeshwara Temple

Bhimeshwara Temple Bhimeshwara (Lord Shiva) Temple is located to the east of Trikuteswara Temple. A look from outside the temple gives you a plain impression, but once you are inside, you can witness a treasure of ancient art that depicts the beauty of craftsmanship of the bygone era.

The Mukha-mandapam of this temple is decorated with the figures of elephants, lions and sages while the ceiling of the temple is decorated with a pastille-shaped design with a lotus medallion in the centre.

The entrance of this shrine has steps with parapet walls lined by elephant heads with long trunks. Two dvarapalakas (watchmen) guard its doorways and the mandapam has 16 pillars arranged in two squares. The sanctum sanctorum has a standing image of goddess, called as Kamalakshi Devi by the locals. There is a Vaidyanatha Swami (Lord Shiva) Temple of the Chola period, facing west, situated to the southeast of Trikuteswara temple.