Location Datta Mandir Temple

Datta Mandir Pune is placed in a very busy locality in the city area of Budhwar Peth on the famous Laxmi Road as well as near the Mahata Phule market which is popularly known as Mandai. Whoever comes in the city-post area stops at this temple for Darshan.

This temple is not only ancient but also unique one as it faces North direction. As per the Vastushastra, North direction is always considered to be the direction of Kubera and the God which is facing North gives blessings to the devotees from that direction.

There are several other activities which are taken up by the trust which is a registered Charitable Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act. The trustees are appointed for a tenure of five years.

The trustees are from all stratas of society and are respectable persons like businessmen, lawyers etc. devoting their time for the sake of maintenance and betterment of the temple.