Sangam: Sangam is a meeting point of Bheema and Amaraja rivers. Sangam is like Prayaga. The importance of Sangam was explained by Shreeguru and it can be seen in Shreegurucharitra. Who ever takes a bath in Sangam, he will free from his sins and his wishes will be fulfilled.Bath in Sangam in Kartheeka maasa, Maagha maasa, Makara sankranthi, poornima and Amaavashya days.

Puranich history of Sangam: There is a puranic history that Jallundhara Rakshasas were on war. Indra went to Shri Shankara and said "we kill Rakshasaas, but from each drop of their blood, new Rakshasaas are born and they have spread in three lokas. They have kelled many Gods". By hearing this Shri Shankara was started to kill the Rakshasaas in the form of Rudra. Indra said ‘you will kill the Rakshasaas, but please suggest any device to make the Gods alive'.

Then Shri Shankara recited Amritha mantra and gave a jar filled with nectar. Indra sprinkled the nector onthe Gods and made them alive. While Indra was going with the jar of the remaining nectar, some drops fell on the earth and a river was created called "AMARAJA". Taking bath in this river prevents deceases and untimely death. This river meets Bheema river and the point is known as Sangam. Hence, Sangam place is a virtuous place and adviced the devotees to take bath in the Sangam without fail.