Eklingji Temple Udaipur

Eklingji Temple Udaipur The Eklingji temple devoted to Lord Shiva, is located at a distance of 28 kms from North Udaipur . Eklingji Shiva temple is a huge complex consisting of 108 temples. Enclosing the temple are high walls with bathing terraces leading down to the water. Filling the temple with fragrance all the time are the lighted incense materials.

Eklingji temple houses a 50 feet high multi-faced black stone statue of Lord Shiva. There are four faces of the statue, depicting Lord Shiva in his four forms. In the east is Surya (sun), in the west is Brahma, in the north is Vishnu and in the south is Rudra. In the center of these images is the Shivlinga, encircled by a silver snake. The temple houses the whole family of Lord Shiva, including Parvatiji (wife of Shiva) and Ganeshji (son of Shiva).

Eklingji temple of Udaipur also contains the statues of Yamuna and Saraswati. The temple has silver doors depicting Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya. Located nearby Eklingji Shiva temple, are the temples of Amba Mata, Ganeshji and Kalika. Also shown in the brackets are nymphs in erotic dance postures and a life size image of Bapparawal.

Legend -One of the legends relating to Ekilngil is that after killing Vrakshasur, Indra had meditated and prayed to eklingji in repentance and to be free of the curse. According to another legend, Bapparawa had seen the Shivlinga in his dream when he was in trouble and when the problem was solved, he constructed the temple and later build Mewar. The ruler of Mewar regards Eklangji as the real kingdom. There are around a hundred more temples, big and small, around the Eklagji temple