Legend of Kukke Subrahmanya Templei

In the Skanda Purana it is stated after defeating the Asura forces and killing their chiefs Tharakasura and Soorapadhma, Lord Subramanya came to this place. He washed his Shakti weapon in the river here. Indra, King of the Devas, prayed to Lord Subramanya to accept his daughter Devasena as his wife and Subramanya consented.

The marriage ceremony was performed here. Waters from all the holy rivers were brought here for the ceremony and it is believed that these waters fell down and became a river, known as Kumaradhara.

Vasuki, the King of serpents, prayed to Lord Subramanya to stay on here to protect his snake tribe against Garuda, the Divine Eagle. Lord Subramanya agreed. From then on, this place became important for people who want to perform Sarpadosha Puja.