Temples in Kukke Subrahmanya

Kashikatte This is about three furlong from the temple on the main entrance to the Kshetra. Anjaneya and Vigneshwara shrines are installed in this place.

Biladwara:A cave at about four furlong from the temple by the side of the main road. According to Hindu mythology during the olden days Vasuki, the serpent God, was taking shelter and protection from Garuda in this cave and was making penance. The cave is about 10 meters in length. There is an entrance and an exit. .

Mathsya Thirtha A Ghat where pilgrims can take bath in the river Kumaradhara.

Panchami Thirtha Another Ghat on the banks of Kumaradhara. There is one Somanatha temple and the Brindavanas of Swamiji's of Subramanya Mutt are found here.

Kumaraparvatha One of the highest peaks in the western Ghats. Its height is about 4,000 feet from the sea level. For those who are in mountaineering this is a beautiful spot to visit. Guides are available to take the interested devotees up to the hills.

Sri Subramanya Mutt On the south east part of the temple there is a Dwaita Mutt following the Madhava philosophy.

Vedavyasa Samputa Narasimha Devaru This temple is situated on the south east part of the inner quadrangle of the main temple. It is managed by the Sri Subramanya Mutt.

Vanadurga Devi Temple A temple managed by the Sri Subramanya Mutt, it is situated at about 1 km from the main temple by the side of the road. Sacred spots to visit Sri Subrahmanya Swamy : The main entrance to the temple lies to the east. The devotees will have to enter courtyard from behind and go before the idol.

The sanctuary of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy lies opposite to the main entrance. A Garuda pillar with silver covering towers high between the sanctuary and the newly contructed portico. It is said that the pillar was charmed and errected in order to shield the people from the flames of poisson emanating from the breath of Vasuki residing inside.

Devotees have to encircle round including this pillar too. Beyond this pillar the outer Mantapa and then the inner Mantapa and later the sanctuary of Sri Subrahmanya meet our eyes. There is a pedesal in the center of sanctuary. On the upper dais stands the idol of !Sri Shanmukha and then the idol of Vasuki and little lower the idol of Maha Shesha.

Panchamrith Mahapooja and Utsava of these deities take place daily. More details have already been given in the preceding chapters. Kukkelinga : To the north of the sanctuary there is a cluster of lingas known as Kukkelingas. Some believe that the lingas got that name simply because people uset to worship them together kept in a basket.

Now of course they have been installed in the back portion of the sanctuary and are being worshipped there. Some argue that the place owes its name 'Kukke Pattana' to the Kukke linga and they proceed a step further and say that the epithet 'Kukke' in Kukke Subrahmanya Devaru owes its origin to the curious custom of worshipping images kept in the basket.

As the image was installed by Vasukin in the cave it came to be called as Kukkelinga. Moreover as already been referred we come across the phrase Subramanya Ahipeshwara in the Lalithagama. The car festival of Kukkelinga takes place every uear on Makara Sankramana.

At present many families, worship Kukkelinga as thte titular deity of their families. According to the legendary history, Sri Shanmugaswamy installed Shiva Lingas in three places in order to get rid of the sin resulting from killing Tharakasura. Afterwards many Gods and sages installed many more Lingas and images.