Legend of Balleleshwar

In the Konkan Pallir village now known as Pali there lived a young boy Ballal who was a very sincere devotee of Lord Ganesh. Son of a rich businessman, his pre-occupation with worship at a young age displeased his father. Ballal spent a large part of his time in worship and influenced his friends to do so too. His friends' parents felt that Ballal was misleading their children by showing them the Bhaktimarg [the path of devotion] at such young age. They asked Ballal's father to restrain him. His father went to look for Ballal and found him in the forest engrossed in his worship of Lord Ganesh.

He disrupted the puja, threw away the idol of Ganesh and beat his son. Not content with this he also tied him to a tree. He then left Ballal in the forest asserting that let Lord Ganesh himself come and rescue him. Ballal was in great pain but he kept calling upon Lord Ganesh who took the form of a Brahmin and appeared before him. He set Ballal free and then asked him to make a wish. Ballal entreated Lord Ganesh to reside in this region.

The God acquiesced and, resided in a stone which is now believed to be the idol of Ballaleshwar Vinayak, that people worship at Pali. The idol that Ballal's father had desecrated too was placed in the temple. The idol of Dhundivinayak nearby is believed to be that idol