Festivals Celebrated

Two major festivals are celebrated in this temple.

In the month of Bhadrapad in the waxing period from the Pratipada to Panchami [first to fifth day]

And in Magh of the waxing period from Pratipada to Panchami [first to fifth day]

On these days festivities go on for five days. Kirtan, religious discourses and other cultural activities are organised.

On Chaturthi[fourth day] of Bhadrapad a Maha Bhog is offered to the deity. According to a poupular belief one can see the impression of God's fingers on the offerings. Thousands of devotees throng the temple on this day to witness this miracle.

On Panchami [fifth day] Dahikala and Anna samtarpan are carried out.

On the third day of Magh, a procession carries the Palkhi of the deity around the city.


As per advise of Lomesh Rishi, Jajali Muni performed Ganesh Varta for four months drinking only milk. Due to that Ballaleshwar appeared before him. Jajali induced Vibhandaka Rishi who also completed Ganesh Varta & had Ballaleshwar's darshan on Kartiki Purnima.