The gates of the temple open at dawn 5.30 a.m. and closes for darshan at 10.00 p.m. In any case, it is not opened before 5.30 a.m. Devotees can enter inner section of the temple from 5.30 a.m. with special cloth of pooja and perform pooja through pujaris deputed by trust. Only on Chaturthi days the timing of such puja is between 6.00 a.m. to 9.00a.m. On every Chaturthi day the idol is offered panchamrut snanam(bath), Royal dress, Naivadya, Aarti, Palakhi and mantrapushpam in the evening. There are discourses from Aashadhi Ekadashi to Kartik Ekadashi on various subjects. After procession of holy book on Kartik Ekadashi discourse session ends.

Various festivals of Shri Ballaleshwar and Dhundi Vinayak

Bhadrapadi Utsav (Bhadrapad Shuddha Pratipada to Panchami) and Maghi Utsav (Magh Shuddha Pratipada to Panchami) are the two main celebrations organized in the presence local literates and eminent scholars, Bhajans, kirtan (discourse) form the part of celebrations. Birth highlights of Shri Ganesha are delivered to audience by lectures. Palakhi procession in the evening accommodates devotees for Bhajans, lazim, dancing horses, band from Nasik etc. On the day of Chaturthi, the entire area of temple gets decorated with colorful lighting. The procession covers the whole village of Pali. The participants are blessed with 'Prasad' after the procession is over.

Maha Naivadya

Lord Ganesha is offered Maha Naivadya at night of Chaturthi Day and lacs of viewers assemble to witness the offerings. For this festival period, entire temple premise is decorated with attractive lighting.  There is a two day fanfare in the month of Magha which witnesses overwhelming response. The day ends with Kirtan. All the devotees are blessed with Maha Prasad on Panchami day in the form of Bhojan (food). Ganesh Mandal attached to temple trust presents three act play on panchami day. Illumination on the temple and associated buildings make the celebrations remarkable with a turnout of over a lakh devotees.

Dhundi Vinayak Utsav

Celebrated from Jestha Shuddha Pratipada to Panchami (5 days) All the rituals at that of Shri Ballaleshwar on Bhadrapad Chaturthi and Panchami Day are performed for Dhundi Vinayak Utsav including Purana Pravachan, Bhajan Kirtan, birth highlights Maha naivadya, local talent display et

Abishek Rs .21

Abhishek Puja Rs.25

Puja Ekadasi : Rs.51

Durgh Abhishek : Rs.101

Maha Puja Rs.251

Sahastra Avartan : Rs.501

Laghu Rudra Avartan : Rs.751

Varshik Puja Rs.551

Puja Timing :

Sankat Chaturthi - till 9 Daily till 11.30 AM

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