Puja Timing

Puja Timings

Viswaroopa darshan 5.30 am

Udhaya Maarthandam 6 am

Mudhal Kaala Sandhi, Siru Kaala Sandhi & Periya Kaala Sandhi from 8 am

Uchikaalam 12.30 pm

Saayaratchai 5 pm

Ardhajaamam 9.15 pm

Ekantham 9.30 pm

In the Tamil month of Maargazhi (December January), the temple opens at 3 am and closes at 8.30 pm.

Abhisheka for Subramanya is performed thrice daily and for Shanmukha on Vishaka star (asterism) day every month and on the first day of the Tamil months of Chitra and Aippasi.

On the last Friday of every Tamil month, the processional deities are taken round the corridor followed by hundreds of devotees.

Pujas are performed according to Kumara Tantra