Palani Hills

The temple of Dhandayudhapani is located atop the Palani hills, which is about 324 metres above the sea level. 690 stone steps line the mountain passage and an electric winch and cable cares also takes pilgrims up the hill. Anyhow, walking through the steps give breathe-taking view of the palani hills and temples. Further, heading towards hill through steps leads to get good view of small temples.

Once you reach the top of the hill, you need to take several rounds towards temple to get the blessings from Lord Murugan. Once you came out from the main shrine, you will see the golden top of the main temple. Before get down, you should look around and see the nice view of palani and nearby areas. In addition, you can get the excellent view of Kodaikanal hills and near by Idumban hills.