History Of Palani Temple

This is one of the famous padal petra sthalams in the country today. Poet Nakkerar has sung about this temple in Thirumurugaatrupadai. In his Thiruppugazh, Saint poet Arunagirinadhar has composed many verses about the Palani temple. The structure of the temple is such that Tiruvavinankudi temple is located at the foot of the hill while the Palani Andavar is located on top.

The Tiru aavinankudi temple is also known as Kuzhandai velayudhar temple. The waters of Saravanapoigai is located beside this. The main deity at this temple is known as 'Dhandayudhapaani', called so due to the staff (dhandam) he holds in his hand. He is clothed like an 'aandi' in this sthalam, so different from the others where he is seen in his regal splendour