Divya Desam Tour Package Tamil Nadu 17 Nights 18 Days From Chennai

First Leg Chennai Divya Desam  2 Night 3 Days ( 7 Temples  )

Day 01 - Morning proceed to visit Thirneermalaii Neervanna , then  visit Sri Bhatavatsala Perumal Temple  (Thirunindravur 40 kms from Chennai )return to Hotel - Evening   visit Sri Parthasarthy Temple - Night halt in Chennai .

Day 02 - Morning proceed to visit Veera Raghava Perumal temple (Tiruvallur 46 kms )  , then visit (Sholingur 80 kms ) Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple - Night halt in  Chennai

Day 03 -Morning Visit Mahabalipuram, visit Sri Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple, move to Chennai - Night halt in Chennai.

Second Leg Chennai  Kancheepuram  Divya Desam 2 Night 3 Days (  15 Temples )

Day 04- Morning proceed to Kanchipuram  First visit Kamakshi Amman Temple  then  visit  Thiru Ooragam - Sri Ulagalantha Perumal Temple - in  the same temple complex are  3 other Divya Desam Temple located  namely (Thirukkaar Vaanam - Sri Thirukkaar vaanar Temple ) , (Thiru Kaaragam - Sri Karunakara Perumal Temple ), (Thiru Neeragam - Sri Jagadeeshwarar Temple) , Sri Varadharajar Temple, Sri Yathothakaari Temple, Sri Aadhikesava Perumal Temple, Night halt in Kanchipuram .

Day 05 - Early Morning visit -  Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple , Sri Pavala Vannar Temple  , Sri Pandava Thoodhar Temple afternoon rest in hotel- evening visit, , Sri Nilathingal Thundathan Perumal Temple - Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple  , Sri Azhagiya Singar Perumal Temple, Night halt in Kanchipuram .

Day 06 - Early morning visit - Sri Deepa Prakasar Perumal Temple , Sri Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple -  Move to Cuddalore. 

Third Leg Chidambaram & Cuddalore & Sirkazi Divya Desam Temple 2  Night 3 Days From  Chennai Or Kumbakonam  ( 16 Temples )

Day 06- Morning proceed to  Cuddalore , visit Sri Deyva Nayaga Perumal Temple  , Sri Thiruvikrama Perumal Temple  move to  Chidambaram  Visit Sri Govindaraja Perumal Temple  And Can visit famous Chidambaram Natraja Temple Night halt in  Chidambaram.

Day 07  - Morning proceed to visit - Seerkazhi Thirivikaraman Perumal Temple , - Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple ,- Sri Deiva Naayaga Perumal Temple , Sri Lakshmi Narashima Perumal Temple , afternoon return to hotel  for rest , evening visit Sri Gopala Krishna Perumal Temple, Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple , Sri Thamaraiyal Kelvan Perumal Temple , Sri Narayana Perumal Temple -  Night  halt in  Chidambaram

Day 08 - Early Morning visit Sri Kuda Maadu Koothan Perumal Temple Sri Seganmaal Ranganatha Perumal Temple Sri Per Arulaalan Perumal Temple Sri Purushothama Perumal Temple, Sri Vaigundha Nathan Perumal Temple -   proceed to Kumbakonam

Fourth Leg Kumbakonam & Mayliaduturai Divya Desam Temple 3  Night 4 Days From  Chennai Or Kumbakonam (  20 Temples )

Day 08 - Arrive in  Kumbakonam visit Sri Hara Saabha Vimocchana Perumal Temple , Sri Aaduthurai Perumal Temple , Sri Gajendra Varadha Perumal Temple , Sri Valvil Ramar Perumal Temple - Night halt in  Kumbakonam .

Day 09 - Early morning visit Sri Aandu Alakkum Ayan Perumal Temple , Sri Saarangapani Perumal Temple , Sri Oppiliappa Perumal Temple , Sri Thirunarayoor Nambi Perumal Temple Afternoon  Rest in Hotel , Evening 4 Pm visit  Sri Saranathan Perumal Temple , Sri Bhaktavatsala Perumal Temple ,  Sri Jaganatha Perumal Temple, Sri Kola Valvilli Ramar Perumal Temple. - Night halt in  Kumbakonam.

Day 10 - Morning proceed to Mayiladuturai visit Sri Parimala Ranganatha Perumal Temple , Sri Devaadi Raja Perumal Temple , Sri Arulmaakadal Perumal Temple , Sri Sowrirajan Neelamega Perumal Temple ,  Post lunch evening Visit Sri Soundaryarajan Neelamega Perumal Temple , Sri Loganatha Perumal Temple , Sri Naan Madhiya Perumal Temple - Night halt in Kumbakonam.

Day 11 - Morning proceed to visit Tanjore Sri Neelamega Perumal Temple  move to Madurai

Fifth Leg Madurai  Divya Desam Temple 2  Night 3 Days From  (  08 Temples )

Day 11 - Arrive in  Madurai - Sri Koodal Azhagar Perumal Temple , Sri Kaalamegha Perumal Temple Sri Kallazhagar Perumal Temple, Sri Uraga Mellanayaan Perumal Temple   - Night halt in  Madurai .

Day 12 - Morning proceed to visit Sri Sathyagiri Natha Perumal Temple , move to Rameshwaram- Night halt in Rameshwaram

Day 13 -  Morning  visit Sri Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal Temple , Sri Nindra Narayana Perumal Temple , Sri Vadabhatra Saayi Perumal Temple  move to Madurai - Night halt in Madurai.

Sixth Leg Trunelveli  Divya Desam Temple 2  Night 3 Days From  (  12 Temples )

Day 14 -  Morning proceed to  Tirunelveli - Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple , Sri Vijayaasana Perumal Temple , Sri Kaaichina Vendha Perumal Temple , afternoon  Rest in Hotel , evening visit Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple , Sri Aravindha Lochana Perumal Temple , Sri Magara Nedung Kuzhai Kaathar Perumal Temple - Night halt in Tirunelveli 

Day 15 - Morning visit  Sri Vaitha Maanitha Perumal Temple Sri Aadhinatha Swamy Temple Sri Thothatrinatha Perumal Temple, Sri Nindra Nambi Perumal Temple ,  proceed to Nagercoil visit Sri Kuralappa Perumal Temple  then  move to Marthandam  to visit Sri Aadhikesava Perumal Temple - Night halt in Tirunelveli .

Day 16 - Visit any temple missed on  day two and can  also visit other Famous Temples in Tirunelveli - move to Trichy

Seventh Leg Trichy/ Tiruchirapalli   Divya Desam Temples 2  Night 3 Days From  (  06 Temples )

Day 16 - Arrive in Trichy - Visit  Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple - Night halt in  Trichy

Day 17-  Morning visit Sri Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Temple , Sri Purushothaman Perumal Temple , Sri Pundarikashan Perumal Temple , Evening visit - Sri Vadivazhagiya Nambi Perumal Temple ,  Sri Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple - Night halt in  Trichy .

Day 18 - Visit Other Famous Temples in  Trichy, drop at Chennai  Or Trichy Airport - Tour Ends


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