Triambakeshwar Temple And Deity

The existing temple of Tryambakeshvar has been built by the third Peshwa Balaji Bajirao (1740 - 1761). It took a span of thirty-one years and a cost of 16 lakh rupees to complete the temple. It has been built in local black basalt stone and inside a courtyard measuring 260 by 220 feet. Apart from the main temple there are few other structures inside the courtyard like a pond, the water in this pond is used specifically and only for the abhisheka and snana of the deity, near the northern wall of the courtyard there are thirty small shrines built in a row enshrining different subsidiary divinities and deepmalas.

The main temple has a star shaped plan of the sanctum. The temple consists of three ardhamandapas, one gudhamandapa, antarala and sanctum. The ardhamandapas are at the three sides providing three entrances to the gudhmandapa. There are six exquisitely carved pillars in the gudhmandapa. Preceding the square sanctum is a rectangular antarala. The floor level of the sanctum is a little low than the antarala and the mandapa floors.

In the center of the sanctum floor is a self emanated Shivalinga, which is usually covered by a silver mask having one face depicted on it. On festive occasions, a golden mask with five faces is kept as a cover over the Linga.

On the exterior walls of the temple, images of various gods and goddesses are carved along with the depiction of ashtadikpalas, damsels and sages. The doorways of the ardhamandapas are also carved beautiful. Stylistically these sculptures show a western Indian influence. But the as far as the architecture is concerned this is the only temple in Maharashtra that gives an exact idea of North Indian style of Shikhara with it's existing and intact curvilinear tower. The shikhara or the spire is adorned with the replicas of it's own and narrows at the top.