Tirath And Kunda

Ganga dwara' is the spot on the Brahmagiri where the Ganga emerged and is located to the west of the Tryambak village. It is a small tank from which a small stream of water is constantly flowing down from a stone Gomukha.

Varaha tirth, is the place where Lord Vishnu is said to have taken bath, in the form of Varaha.

Rama and Lakshman kunds and a Rama temple have also been erected here.

Kushavarta tirth is referred as the major tirths, where the water of the Godavari has been accumulated and secured with the grass by sage Gautama. The tirth is a large rectangular reservoir measuring 94'' by 85'' and is situated in the midst of the village. It is believed that a dip in this tirtha washes all sins of the man and if taken on the Simhastha occasion it gives immense merit to the person. Several other tirths and kunds like Bilva tirth, Indra tirth, Prayag tirth are located in the area. Of these, Gangasagar and Gautamalya is the most notable for their size and utility.

To the east of the village is a small streamlet called Ahalya and is considered as a highly sacred spot.

Several shrines devoted to Ganga, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Lakshmi-Narayan, Maruti, and Balaji are situated at and near the village.

Various maths and samadhis are also located here as that of spiritualists like Brahmanand Maharaj, Anandi Maharaj, Nivrittinath etc. There are also centers of several orders of sadhus here.