Bhimashankar Temple

Built in the Nagara style of architecture, this temple dates back to the 18th century. One can also find borrowed influences from the Indo Aryan style of architecture. It is believed that the ancient shrine was erected over a Swayambhu Linga or a Self Emanated Shiva Linga. Thus the Linga is exactly in the centre of the floor of the Garbagriha or the Sanctum. Intricate carvings of divinities interspersed with human figurines adorn the pillars and the doorframes of the temple.

Scenes from mythology find itself captured in these magnificient carvings. Within the temple precincts there is also a small shrine dedicated to Lord Shani. The image of Nandi - Lord Shiva's vahana is installed just at the entrance of the temple. As one moves out, a bewitching view of the virgin wilderness occasionally interrupted by the glimpses of the majestic forts on the surrounding mountains greets us. History unveils itself in the peaks of the Sahayadris. Bhimashankar - a place where spiritual splendor merges with Nature's magnificence is definitely a pilgrim's paradise.